Santa Chiara

Sezze, Italy. /// 2011




The proposal to give a new program to this important historical building, a former convent of the XIV century, has been directed by the aspiration to preserve the original structure as much as possible. This structure is formed by the superposition of different built environments and open spaces from different periods.


A mixed-use program with different functions and users, is the result of the study of existing facilities and the socio-cultural conditions of population, being agriculture the main economic activity.


The program distribution is organized following the existing system of courtyards and vertical circulations. The program is divided into five groups: public facilities, commercial functions, offices, education and residences.


In some parts of the project were retrieved activities that have been part of the monastery tradition (gardening, teaching crafts, rainwater harvesting) integrating them into the new functions in accordance with the rural culture and economic production of the city.


Camilo Sierra, Silvia Garrone.



Landscape: TwentyTrees.


Bidding Authority:

Province of Latina.

General view



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